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Alex Martin

September 10, 2020
Couldn’t ask for a more honest sales person than Brian. Gave me personal recommendations and his opinions on the multiple cars I test drove. After a few hours, I landed on the 2010 Subaru Forrester and just LOVE it. Couldn’t recommend this place more. Thanks Brian!

Alisa Orfait

January 02, 2021
Wonderful people! Very professional! Bought the car that I wanted! I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Bryce Bolton

June 28, 2018
I had a good experience purchasing my vehicle from ABA Auto Sales. Brian was very easy to contact and communicate with. I am happy with my purchase experience and would buy from ABA Auto Sales again in the future.

Chuck Fulcher

February 13, 2019
Great buying experience. CarFax was ready without me having to request it. Vehicle faults (very few, and all cosmetic) were communicated up-front -- again, without me asking. Post sale mechanical check by Toyota certified technician confirmed the great deal I received. Thanks, guys!

Dean Heyes

December 15, 2020
If your looking for good service and an easy buying experience contact Brian for the best knowledge and reliability on every vehicle ???? on the lot. One of the most trusted Dealers I have seen here in Monroe County. Best prices throughout Indy. I purchased a 2010 Subaru Impreza Hatchback with 120-000 miles. The car was exceptionally clean and well taken care of. Brian explained all the safety features and packages the car came with. Took for a test drive and it drove like new. Brian sends all his vehicles through a thorough safety and mechanical inspection with trusted ASE certified Auto Repair Shops. Once passing the car is then sold on lot. I recommend everyone to buy with ABA sales for the best deals. Reliable. Easy. Buying. @. ABA. Auto. Sales.

Donya Henderson

August 18, 2021
These guys were wonderful to me. They worked with me to get the car that I wanted. I would recommend ABA Auto Sales.

Jacob Birge

April 04, 2022
I haven’t bought a car yet, but I fully plan too. I was at ABA today and had a hard time choosing between several great vehicles for even better prices! ABA gave me great service and on point information and I would 100% recommend checking out his inventory if you are in need of a great car sold by a great guy.

Jonathan Rossing

July 17, 2018
Brian was friendly, helpful, and reliable. Incredibly easy going buying experience with no pressure or pushiness. Felt totally comfortable and confident in the purchase.

Kalee Jackson

March 07, 2020
Update: I am very pleased with the vehicle I purchased from ABA. The biggest issue I have had is basic maintenance; 2 calipers got stuck and needed replaced. This SUV has been wonderful. The dealer was very honest and upfront. I would recommend ABA to anyone looking for an affordable, clean, used car. We called ahead to make sure someone was going to be there when we arrived. We got there and no one was there so we called the number that was listed in the door and within 10-15 minutes an employee was there. It had snowed and the vehicles were not cleaned off. First impression was iffy, bit buyer's nervousness was a factor. The building is small, unassuming, slightly aged, and has some weathered wear and tear. Y'all, it's nothing bad. It's just a building. It is a small office space so may not wanna bring the kiddos and your buds, but roomy enough for a family of 4. The lot is smaller, and not much room to drive through or park, but if you're good a planning a head just park in the street parking. Regarding their vehicles; they had quite the selection. I was looking for an SUV that was family friendly but affordable. I got both. I bought a used vehicle. It's far from a new car. It was clean inside and out, had plenty of gas for a test drive, had no outstanding mechanical or safety issues, had good tread left on the tires, all windows worked, and most importantly was priced reasonably. Needless to say, we bought it. I drove that little SUV to Wapakoneta Ohio and back without a single issue. All we had to do to it was replace window wipers. There was a TPMS light but after airing up the tires and driving it around it just went off. Even if it comes back on it is a minor issue and nothing that would have stopped us from buying it. I love my SUV. I feel safe in it. I feel confident in it and trust it. My title arrived fast. The rep/associate answered all our questions and was very transparent with us on the vehicle's history. This was a nice little dealer with very realistic and affordable vehicles. For a used car dealer and used car buying experience this was A+!

Kurt Smiley

January 08, 2021
We had a very good buying experience at ABA. Brian was our sales person. He did not pressure us to purchase anything at all. He was honest about the problems he had found (gave us a copy of Carfax as well). Then he encouraged us to take the car for a long test drive including on the highway. Brian worked with us on pricing and was laid back the entire time. You always have to be careful with used car lots, but honestly this was the best situation we could have hoped for. UPDATE- A couple of weeks after we purchased our car a transmission solenoid broke. ABA was very reasonable and replaced the solenoid for the cost of the part only. They didn't have to do that but they did. Thank you for everything ????

Nathan Burton

February 08, 2020
Brian helped us and he was very nice and wasn't pushy at all. He didn't try to downplay problems with the vehicle, and we easily negotiated a fair price. Great experience.

Rebecca Krieg

April 21, 2021
I went to a couple different car places around Bloomington for a used car. All I found was sleezy car sales men. This place is very different. Brian was very kind and helpful! Would recommend this place to anyone! The car we bought from him is in great shape!

Ryan Saul

March 15, 2022
John from ABA was incredibly generous in the sale of a 2012 Kia Rio. He was helpful, hospitable, and fair in the pricing! Great sale!

Sarah Harper

June 05, 2018
Brian was great to work with, very fair & VERY honest! I went in acting completely ignorant about cars, which I'm not! He didn't try to take advantage, in fact, he advised I keep my 2010 Honda Accord because they're great cars. Looking fwd to doing business with him again.

Sue Montgomery

August 22, 2019
Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with any business. Brian was honest and courteous. He never pressured me whatsoever and even encouraged me to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic, which I did. I ended up with a beautiful, clean, mechanically sound SUV at a really good price. In my opinion, ABA Auto Sales eas 5 stars.


June 19, 2020
We purchased a very nice and reasonably priced Jeep from this business. They were very easy to work with and made our sale a very easy process. We recommend them if you are looking for a vehicle. Thanks guys!

tim barnett

February 14, 2019
Very friendly and great prices

tim sylvester

March 04, 2020
I looked at a bunch of cars over a very short period of time. They were very helpful. I test drove several vehicles with no issue. The prices are fair and they are open about discussing any issues the cars might have. I did not buy a car from ABA but this is still a good place to start if you are looking for a decent used car.